310 Versus SlimFast Shakes: Which is the Winning Meal Replacement Shake?

If you’re in the market for a new meal replacement shake which will make it easier for you to lose weight, you should know that 310 and Silmfast shakes are some of the most popular products of this type on the market. Once you learn about the features of both brands, you’ll be fully prepped to decide which one meets your needs most effectively.

To help you get the hard facts that you need, we’re going to share information about 310 and SlimFast shakes today. We do think that 310 has the edge in this battle and we’ll tell you why at the end of this article!

310 Shakes are Healthy Choices

Some shakes taste way better than others and shakes from 310 definitely taste amazing! In addition to offering supreme texture and taste, they come in a host of flavors that are extremely appealing and addictive…including Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Chocolate (to name just a few)! We love the mixture of basic and creative flavors that 310 offers…we also really like the fact that each shake contains just ninety calories!

When you choose these healthy shakes, you’ll be able to replace meals without worrying about nutrition. Loaded with plant-based protein from three different sources, as well as superfood greens, probiotics and a vitamin/mineral blend (as well as natural fiber to make you feel full and help your digestive system), these sugar-free diet shakes are definitely the gold standard for pure nutrition.

Affordable and so easy to order online, according to 310 shake reviews; these shakes are beloved by dieters all over the world. Even if you’re not trying to reduce, you’ll find that these wonderful shakes help you to make it through your busiest days by giving you access to great taste and nutrition which are beyond compare. It’s simple to mix 310 shakes. They come in powder format. Just add liquid and stir in order to enjoy creamy-smooth, decadent texture in your favorite flavor!

Every 310 shake is free of gluten, soy and dairy. It won’t contain harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. As well, we appreciate the exclusive protein formula in each shake. It’s called Tri-Plex and it’s been customized through years of research, so that it’s incredibly easy for the body to absorb.

Is SlimFast Right For You?

With SlimFast, you’ll have a choice of powder mixes and ready-to-drink shakes. Each serving of an Original SlimFast shake will contain ten grams of protein and it is marketed as dulling the appetite for up to four hours. In our experience, after drinking a shake, we start to feel a little bit hungry after just a couple of hours. However, experiences vary and the hunger that we feel is definitely easy to control with willpower.

When you choose SlimFast shakes, you’ll be able to choose your preferred format (ready-to-drink or powder) and you’ll like the flavors, from Rich Chocolate Royale to Strawberries & Cream to Cappuccino Delight and beyond (Vanilla and Chocolate are also available).

These shakes do feature a lot of good nutrition, such as five grams of fiber and twenty-four vitamins and minerals. They also contain ten grams of protein. The problem with SlimFast shakes is that a typical shake contains around one hundred and ninety calories. That’s quite a bit more than 310 shakes, and 310 shakes still have the edge in terms of providing nutrition. Also, we think that SlimFast shakes taste more artificial than 310 shakes.

Another big problem with SlimFast is that each shake contains eighteen grams of sugar. Sugar is very bad for your body!

310 Is the Smart Pick

Don’t settle for less than 310 delivers. Shakes from 310 are the purest that we’ve found and we’ve tried so many different meal replacement shakes. After you try 310, you’ll notice how good your body feels. These shakes don’t have the bad ingredients that you’re probably trying to avoid. They offer everything that you need without any downside. You deserve the highest standard of purity, as well as the best taste. With 310 shakes, you’ll get everything that you want and we do find that these shakes provide awesome value for the money.

Now that you know who’s winning the meal replacement shake war, why not treat yourself to some 310 shakes today? They are the secret to healthy and lasting weight loss!