herbalife vs. 310 vs. shakeology

A Comprehensive Comparison Review of herbalife vs. 310 vs. shakeology

Choosing the best shake that will suit your needs can be tasking. The weight loss market is full of millions of products because the use of meal replacement shake for weight loss has been steadily rising over the past years. This is because these products are considered affordable and also highly effective. Shakeology, herbalife and 310 shake are some of the popular weight loss supplements. The review below outlines how these three shakes fair in comparison to each other.

Nutrition Comparison

The quality and effectiveness of a meal replacement shake is determined by its nutrition content. The amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and calories influence who the supplement works. For instance, low-calorie shakes are usually the most preferred by dieters who want to lose weight. Herbalife, 310 shake and shakeology have a big consumer base thanks to their weight loss effectiveness. These three shakes are among the most sought-after in the weight loss industry. They contain ingredients which help to reduce hunger pangs, increase the rate of metabolism, enhance the process of digestion etc.


In terms of protein content, herbalife reviews show that this supplement has only 9 g of protein per serving while 310 shake has 15g. In the herbalife vs 310 shake protein comparison, 310 shake is more effective as it contains more protein content. Shakeology, on the other hand, contains 17g of protein per serving. Comparing herbalife vs shakeology, shakeology is still the better choice due to its high level of protein.


The herbalife vs shakeology comparison shows that herbalife has only 3g of fiber while shakeology has 6g of fiber. Meanwhile, 310 shake has 5g of fiber per serving. Shakeology reviews show that because of its high fiber content, this meal replacement shake can effectively curb hunger for up to four hours. Note that a fiber-rich shake helps to reduce the dieter’s calorie intake. Low-calorie intake creates a deficit in the body which leads to the conversion of fat to energy.


High blood sugar content can greatly limit the weight loss process. It is because of this reason that most meal replacement shakes contain low sugar content. Other shakes are sometimes formulated with no sugar at all. The herbalife vs shakeology sugar comparison gives shakeology the upper hand. Herbalife reviews show that this shake contains 9g of sugar per serving while shakeology has 7g. Looking at the herbalife vs 310 shake sugar comparison, 310 shake is the winner. The supplement contains zero sugar and it’s usually sweetened with plant-based ingredients.


The main reason why meal replacement shakes are formulated is to reduce the consumer’s daily calorie intake. The supplements usually help to curb hunger by promoting the feeling of satiety and reducing food cravings. The herbalife vs shakeology calorie comparison shows that herbalife is the best. Shakeology reviews indicate that it contains 160 calories, a higher amount compared to Herbalife’s 90. 310 shake also contains the same amount of calories as herbalife hence their effectiveness in term of calorie content is the same.

Prebiotics and Probiotics Comparison

Probiotics and prebiotics help to improve the process of digestion. They enhance the function of the gut bacteria by promoting the gut health. Note that a good digestive health is important for the weight loss process. Pre and probiotics help to promote bowel movements and relieve symptoms of constipation, gassing, diarrhea, stomach cramps, gassing among others. The herbalife vs 310 shake comparison show these two shakes have prebiotics but they don’t have probiotics. Shakeology reviews show that this meal replacement shake contains both pre and probiotics.

Herbs and Adaptogens

Herbs and adaptogens help to enhance the immune system. They help to eliminate diseases. Adaptogens have powerful antioxidant properties and they flush out wastes & toxins which are harmful to the body. A look at the herbalife vs 310 shake herb and adaptogen comparison shows that these two shakes don’t have herbs or adaptogens. Shakeology meal replacement shake, on the other hand, contains herbs and adaptogens such as cinnamon, astragalus, Reishi, Maca and many others.

Price Comparison

These three shakes are among the best and also the most effective in the weight loss industry. Apart from their nutrition content, the price also plays a vital role in attracting customers. In this comparison review, shakeology is the most expensive shake. A single serving of shakeology costs $4.30. 310 shake is considered as cost-friendly and a single serving costs $2.43. However, herbalife is considered as the cheapest shake that is plant-based. Herbalife reviews show that a single serving of this supplement costs $1.33.


These three shakes contain various nutrition content hence their effectiveness are different. The herbalife vs shakeology comparison shows that shakeology is actually the better shake. The herbalife vs 310 shake comparison, on the other hand, gives 310 shake an upper hand. Although herbalife is a good meal replacement shake with fewer calories, it lacks when it comes to vital nutrition aspects such as fiber, sugar, and protein. However, herbalife is also very cheap. From the above three meal replacement supplements, it is up to an individual to determine the best meal replacement shake that they can afford and what suits them.