Curry for Weight Loss? Yes, And It’s in ThermaSpice!

If you have ever entered a mouthwatering restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine, you would most likely recognize the distinct aroma of curry. This traditional spice blend often includes curry leaf, turmeric, coriander, turmeric, cumin, garlic, and ginger, with black pepper. However, the recipe for curry does vary to include other thermal spice combinations which may also include fenugreek, caraway, clove, cardamom, and others.

Curry is used in many dishes not just for its delicious, savory flavor, but also for the slew of amazing health benefits it provides. Using high-quality curry spices to flavor your food will not just appease your taste buds, but it may also help you make the most of your good health, and weight loss efforts – all at the same time!

If you desire to establish a clearer path on your way to a healthy lifestyle, losing extra pounds that can linger around your mid-section, buttocks, and other areas may help. You see, curry is somewhat of a magical medicine known by ancient people of a variety of countries including South Asia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea for its ability to protect vital organs, boost the immune system, and slow the aging process.1

In India, curry is also commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda) – one of the world’s oldest naturally based medical systems, that originated about 3,000 years ago. As a vast source of reliable knowledge of health, and healing this Ayurvedic spice has finally become (at least partially) recognized in the West for its ability to support good health, as well as your weight loss goals.2,3

In one clinical trial, subjects who took a spice driven fat loss supplement that contained a combination of spices, including capsaicin (another ThermaSpice ingredient) noticed fat burning.  In just 8 weeks subjects saw weight loss when compared to placebo, and at the end of the 8-week study, body fat mass was also shown to decrease more in the supplement group (about 2lbs).4

Health Benefits of Spices in ThermaSpice

The ancient healing spices found in the SpiceFit formula of ThermaSpice are not only able to support your weight loss goals,but they are also supportive in other areas of your health, that just so happen to make fat loss easier.

  • Digestive Enhancement. One main reason almost all Indian food contains curry is for its ability to enhance the digestive system. The body’s digestive efficiency is crucial to how many other bodily systems perform, and it plays a significant role in a healthy, and sustainable weight loss.

The active compound in curry including that of curcumin, has been clinically shown to support a healthy digestive system by reducing inflammation, and supporting bacterial balance.5

Curry’s power to promote comfortable, regular digestion is just one reason to bring its bright yellow orange color to the table. That bright color is also just one reason curry is so health promoting. Studies have shown that the antioxidant nutrient levels of curry are comparable to Vitamin C, and about 20 times as strong as Vitamin E.6

The Power of the ThermaSpice Formula

Today, SpiceFit includes compounds from the traditional curry recipe to help you heat things up in your weight loss regimen. Simply put, when added int/*o your recipes, curry brings a hot, and spicy flavor to the dish, and to your taste buds. For this reason, tossing it into your weight loss menu may help you to burn more calories due to the extra heat, as a hotter body temperature has been scientifically associated with a higher calorie burn.

Further, the concentrated extracts from key compounds inside these spices can be found in the ThermaSpice formula, designed by SpiceFit.7

The ultra-powerful spice blend of ThermaSpice includes these proprietary ingredients:  

  • Slimvance®: This exclusive combination of extracts includes moringa leaf, curcumin, and curry leaf all blended together to support your long-term weight loss success.
  • Capsimax®: Capsimax contains an active compound found in hot chile peppers that works in the same way as spices do to boost your calorie burn. As Capsimax heats things up inside your body, the thermogenic fat-burning effects take hold to help you get a slimmer body, more energy, and more confidence!

Is ThermaSpice by SpiceFit Right for Me?

SpiceFit created the blend of fat-burning spices inside ThermaSpice for anyone who wants to lose extra weight, in a healthy long-lasting way. We all know that weight loss isn’t easy, and that it takes time. So, go ahead! Give yourself a little boost further towards your weight loss goal with the power of a blend of health boosting spices used for centuries for living your best life, in good health.

Talk to Your Doctor

While thermogenic spices have been shown in clinical trials to successfully increase fat loss in participants, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before taking any SpiceFit supplement. ThermaSpice contains safe, and effective ingredients however, it is important to discuss your health regimen with your doctor if there are any changes in your diet, or supplement intake.

Adding curry to your weight loss menu is just one way to boost your health AND your weight loss at the same time. The rewards of this wonder spice are numerous, and they can be found along with other exclusive spice-driven ingredient combinations in the ThermaSPice formula from SpiceFit.

Get the most out of your weight loss by adding the unique warming flavor of curry to your menu, and ThermaSPice to your daily health regimen.


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