Gnarbox Is THE Perfect Mobile Video Editing Solution

Own a GoPro or other action cam? Chances are that if you’re a fairly active user then you find the process of video editing the footage that you’ve shot a little bit tedious, to say the least. In order to be able to edit your video, you either have to lug around a laptop with you or wait until you’re back at home in order to start getting that badass montage going.

Gnarbox tackles this predicament by providing a mobile video editing solution which combines a quad-core processor, dedicated GPU, 2GB of RAM, 128GB or 256GB of storage, 4000 mAh battery with 4-6 hours of battery life, and a dedicated smartphone app into the ultimate outdoor video editing suite.

You may send your footages via WiFi as Gnarbox uses a 2.4ghz 802.11n wireless signal. Alternately, you may also plug your SD, microSD cards, and other external storages into the card ports or the USB 3.0 slot. If you have large files, don’t worry. Gnarbox can transfer data as fast as 4GB/minute.

Gnarbox is waterproof up to one meter and will allow you to get as down and dirty as you want with your footage. Unlike Apple’s iMovie app, you’ll actually be able to do frame-by-frame trimming, slo- and fast-mo, change aspect ratios, adjust lighting and color, filters, and even layering music.

Once you’re done editing, share it with your friends via social media or ask them to connect to your box. You can also auto-organize your files either by date, location, time, or type.

What’s more, this editor is also shockproof and dustproof so taking it with you in your adventures should not be a burden.

Editor’s note: Gnarbox was featured before on inStash while it was still a Kickstarter campaign. Its contents have been updated to reflect present day data and specs.