Limestone Fireplaces and Stone Fire Surrounds

Limestone fireplace are a definitive choice for a fire edging in any area. Limestone is a living rock prepared from calcium carbonate as well as formed while tiny shells are creased on the sea bed till they form this sandy rock. It is a coated rock as well as the natural limestone has good-looking veins running over it.

There are a varied diversity of elegances of Limestone fireplace, so whatsoever the flair of your room there would be an appropriate shape in our line of limestone fire surroundings. Square otherwise rectangular flairs suit contemporary decor plus gentle arched forms go better through a more customary elegance of room. For an unfamiliar look that will convert the central point of a room why not attempt a circular fire border? The round outline with a normal rectangular fireplace inside it generates a really exciting and diverse fireplace. Big rooms suit a large, grand fireplace, maybe through column detail at the sides so as to it does not appearance lost. Smaller housings are better suited towards a more diffident fire surround that does not take above the entire space. Anyway, limestone is a worthy choice.

Our hard, hand engraved limestone fireplaces are excavated and imprinted in Italy, plus are based on design from Victorian, Revitalization and contemporary times.  Through past, limestone has been used through both architects plus artists as a construction and fashioning material. Limestone is weighty and sturdy, can withstand contact to the elements, plus, as it is a natural stone, every piece has its own exclusive characteristics.

In adding to the elegances shown here, we could also generate exclusive custom made modern mantels plus fireplaces from limestone slab.   Limestone is accessible in three natural colors:  Grigio, Bianco (white) as well as Pagliarina. Constructors we work through have performed our limestone fireplace in their Edmonton region show homes as well as new builds, by way of they offer the prettiness of natural stone together with classical style that cannot be matched. Our expert installers are obtainable to custom fit your hearth to any new otherwise existing box.

Our prevalent and classic limestone fireplaces could be used with electric fires, gas fires, and real fires. We usage quality Agean limestone, Portuguese limestone, English limestone as well as Umbrian limestone to create your made-to-measure customized and exclusive fireplace.


Portuguese Lime stone

This usual matt finished stone cut straightforward form the ground. The stone is sandy rock shaped over about 50 million years before. The characteristic mocha colored tones on the light background, intermixed through fossils of florae and animal life all enhance to the uniqueness of the brilliant material. To discover blooms, lighter otherwise darker veins, “wisps” of fossilized fern leaves and other exclusive features are not measured defects however are part of the natural prettiness the world brings.


Agean Limestone

This lovely Mediterranean nonglossy finished limestone is furthermore a sandy rock shaped over millions of years and quarried from the foothills of Turkey. The features of this stone are its flat texture, whitish base color, speckled grain and small fossils somewhat than the vein of Portuguese Limestone. These natural exclusive features are not measured as defects however are part of its regular beauty.


English Lime stones

English limestone hearths are prepared of limestone from the Jurassic biological period. The Bath Stone is smooth, open grained and light in color with a somewhat rough texture.

The conflicting Cotswold stone is naturally the North Cotswold region being of somewhat coarser texture, shadier and warmer in color. The naturally happening fossils as well as even several small crystal forms are portion of the stones natural splendor and must not be measured as defect.

All of English limestone hearths are individually prepared by English Custom permitted stone masons thus they are authenticated by a personal permitted certificate to underline the genuineness.


Umbrian Lime stone

Umbrian Stone is acquired from the Mediterranean coastline and sensibly selected. Each part is then hand carved into a produce that combines best craftsmanship through style.

The usual honed varnish of this stone is charming in its look and silk similar to touch, through a light beige/ oatmeal color. A substitute antiqued finish is accessible on request. Both polishes will naturally feature sporadic fossils plus veins that add charisma to this attractive material and create your fireplace exclusive.