Quest Shakes – How Do They Compare With 310 Shakes?

Lots of people who want to lose weight choose to add protein powder shake mixes to their lifestyles. They replace some meals with creamy, nutritious shakes. The shakes give them the vitamins, minerals and protein that they need in order to feel energized and healthy, while having way less calories than most meals.

Choosing these types of meal replacement shakes will be a smart weight loss strategy. However, there are so many brands to choose from! Today, we’d like to compare Quest shakes with meal replacement shakes from 310. Once you’ve learned some important facts about each brand, you’ll be able to decide which type of shake offers the most benefits to you. Both brands are very easy to find online.

Let’s get the ball rolling by talking about what Quest shakes have to offer…

Quest Shakes are Quite Popular

Quest protein powder mixes come in some interesting flavors, such as Cinnamon Crunch, Cookies & Cream and Bananas & Cream. Basic flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla) are also available. To help you understand what these shakes offer, let’s look at one product from the collection. It’s the Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder.

This protein powder contains one hundred calories per serving, which is pretty good. It’s about the same amount of calories that you’ll find in a dry and uninspiring diet “cookie”. However, it packs in a lot more nutrition! Protein for this brand is made from whey and casein. Add eight ounces of H20 to create a creamy shake which is ideal for meal replacement or workout recovery. You may also add this powder to recipes in order to make them healthier and richer in protein.

This shake tastes pretty good. The other flavors from Quest are ok also. One problem that we do have with the Cinnamon Crunch flavor is that it contains some butter and some fillers (Cellulose Gum and Xanthan Gum). We prefer a bit more product purity. Also, this formula is made with artificial sweeteners. It does contain plenty of protein and this is good. However, there are some other ingredients that we could do without.

In terms of affordability, these shake mixes are competitively-priced. Now, let’s take a look at shakes from 310 Nutrition.

310 Shakes are Highly-Nutritious

Shakes from 310 contain ninety calories per serving. This is a nice low amount of calories. Reduced calorie intake is always a key focus when weight loss is the goal of a protein shake meal replacement program. So, the fewer calories, the better! As well, these shakes come in awesome flavors, including Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel. In terms of nutrition, they pack quite a punch and we absolutely love the product purity of 310 shakes.

Loaded with superfood greens, probiotics which improve digestion, minerals and vitamins, these low-calorie shakes are a treasure trove of vital nutrients. Since these shakes also contain natural fiber, they help dieters to get that coveted “full feeling”. Feeling full definitely helps with the achievement of weight loss goals. We like the fact that 310 shakes don’t make us feel deprived.

Also, 310 Shake is affordable and it’s possible to order them at plenty of different online retailers, including the official 310 Nutrition website. They are simple to find and there are other 310 Nutrition products which may also be used in order to lose weight…or access more nutrition than normal.

310’s ingredients are plant-based. The 310 protein formula is a blend of three premium plant-based proteins. Each one has its own properties. All assist with weight loss.

The attention to detail that 310 has put into its collection of protein powders is pretty impressive. This team has put in everything that people need in order to feel good as they diet. Also, these shakes are low-calorie, but they aren’t just for people on diets. They are also great choices for those who want more energy and the chance to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies in a convenient and tasty way.

Now that you know more about 310 shakes, which we think are the clear winner when compared to shakes from Quest, why not find them online? Once you’ve tried them, you’ll understand why they are so popular with millions of people. Also, we know that you’ll find them delicious and this is important. It’s hard to stick with meal replacement when the shakes don’t taste amazing!