Solo Gelato Lets You Create Ice Cream at Home in 1 Minute

There certainly comes a day when everything seems to be wrong and the only thing that can it better is one whole Fn tub of ice cream (maybe more). But when you’ve already slammed your door to the outside world–ready to indulge in your own sulkiness–the last thing you want to do is go out again and grab some frozen dessert.

For that, the Solo Gelato is the solution.

Solo Gelato just created a countertop system that creates your favorite ice cream in just one minute. This system uses pods where either gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and other frozen treats are expelled into.

These pods are about the size of the standard ice cream cups, you know the one with the tiny wooden spoon. So serving-wise, it should be enough.

Regarding ingredients, however, the Solo Gelato certainly has the upper hand. Because you are generally in control, you may modify each ingredient that goes into your frozen treat. Just make sure these are still proportional so you’ll get the right texture. What’s more, you can definitely cut down on sugar consumption as this countertop system promises 40% reduction on sweeteners.

Of course, cost and energy are also reduced. The next time you have a party, never mind calling your nearest ice cream parlor. Just get the right ingredients and you’ll definitely have enough for less.

But best of all, you can definitely start your own small ice cream business. Solo Gelato plans to create two types of pods. One of which may be kept in the fridge for about a month and a half while the other can sit in your pantry for up to nine months. Plus, with the unique system that includes a central management of the entire process, Solo Gelato is a great business idea.

So the next time you feel bad and all, get a Solo Gelato to make yourself feel better and earn extra cash at the same time.