Stikkan Kindling Maker – InStash

We’re pretty sure you know how challenging and potentially dangerous it is to split kindling, particularly if you’d ask for kids’ help. One of the most common scenarios is when you hold the wood with one hand while the other swings the hatchet.

Some ways to be safe are using a sissy stick to hold the piece of wood in place, using a heavy ax with one handle, and using a froe.

The sissy stick is safer because it’s not your hand that’s in direct contact with the wood. You hold this stick and use it to balance the wood. The drawback, however, is that kindling may be a lot slower than holding the wood with your hand.

Using a heavy ax with a short handle also works because you don’t have to hit the wood as fast as you do when using a kindling ax. Hence, the chances of it hitting one of your fingers are lower. But then, a heavy ax is not ideal for splitting several blocks of wood at a time because, yeah, it’s heavy.

A froe, or the L-shaped tool used for splitting wood seems like the best option. You place the froe on the log and hit it with a mallet until the wood is completely split.

If you don’t have a froe, the Stikkan Kindling Maker is your best choice. It’s safe and easy to use. All you have to do is mount it on a flat, sturdy surface using the lag screws, and you can start kindling immediately. The stepped rests provide you with enough leverage as the blade advances.

Because it’s wall mounted, you’re guaranteed that the sharp edge lands accurately on the wood and not on your hand.

Note though that the Stikkan Kindling Maker is only for softwoods such as pine and spruce with lengths up to 14 inches.