The Best And The Most Cost-effective Technologies – Radar Detectors

You are not getting on the road to kill or maim yourself: nor do you hope to kill or maim another as we know that such action could have legal and social repercussions. That is, unless you are a highway fanatic, and we do not cater, with these articles, to such fanatics who are beyond advice.

Therefore, when you set out on your trips you are necessarily the best judge of the different road situation that arise on the journey and that includes the speed limit that you wish to travel on. However, you could just drift in to one of those moods on your journey and end up with a traffic officer flashing his lights behind and serving you with a ticket for motoring 15 miles above the ‘speed limit’. This may appear somewhat ‘purposeless’ with regard to accident prevention but that is the law and you just have to go with
it. Thus, it makes sense to deploy the latest in technology you have to detect this speed limit radar detectors come in handy.

Morality and legality

It could save you time money and a squeaky record in your license. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Further we need not harbour compunctions about the use of these as it is the law in all states except in the Washington DC and Virginia. We are not trying to outsmart the police but just being agile to the conditions on the road.

However, with the wide choice of’ speed limit’radar detectors now available in the market the issue is to choose the one that suits your requirement and whim. Of course, the range will get wider with the onset of technology but as it is let us consider the best choices available.

Let’s start with the best radar detector 2017 in the market

According to Digital Trends the Escort Max 360 is about the best speed limit detector in on our list, and that is not without reasons. This one possesses all the current technological features including dual antennas, directional arrows that point out threats. It also provides you with a smart phone compatibility enabling you to communicate with other ‘like-minded’ drivers in the area.

It is also sleek and handy and it is to be mounted on your windshield. This has the capacity to prioritize radar bands typically used by law enforcement so that random signals from automatic doors and blind pot detection systems will not interrupt your commute. Max 360 is such a confident device with its GPS-powered Auto Learn feature that cuts down on false alerts by logging frivolous emissions and ignoring those. It is sets itself apart with its community-based protection using a Bluetooth to link itself to smartphone with ‘Escort Live’, a ticket protection program.

It is a free app for Android and Apple Devices which notifies you, in addition to your own over-speed violations, of nearby alerts, red light camera locations and of local speed limit data. It is prized at $549.93 with a discount at Amazon.

Top Performer

Valentine One V1 is known as the top performer for over 20 years and have been one of the best in the market. Its interface looks like it came from a detector in the 90s, but this product is known to be one of the best. Equipped with two radar antennas that provides an excellent range with laser detection so you can keep your driving record cleanof traffic violations.

The best feature of the Valentine One is it capability to detect directional notifications from any upcoming signals. Detector’s two antenna system can alert the driver with the exact direction a radar is approaching from and it will also inform about the type of frequency they are using.

A Detector with the Best Looks

Reinforced with a powerful digital processor the Beltronics GT-7 blazes with its good looks with an attractive package. This product is built to plug and play and the user experience can be customer tailored to the driver’s ultimate comfort levels. One of the best features of this detector is that it is compatible with the Escort Live ticket protection app that can track road blocks and other high-risk environments in the local area.

There are three different modes that you can operate it in and they are known as Highway, Auto and No X
that adjusts according to the parameters set by the driver. According to Digital Trends the Auto feature can intuitively adjust according to the sensitivity and response.

The Most Affordable Detector

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that is less expensive but worth its money then you can go for the Whistler’s Cr93. The blue OLED display makes it easy for anyone to read the detector from a distance. This detector harbours a GPS and will recognize speed cameras with red lights and the only down side is that you will have to keep up with the updates that are recommended for the device.

Traffic Flow Signal Rejection and Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection are the two features designed to tune out false alerts with the CR93. This equipment can identify transportation departments radar signals and disregards them to avoid false alarms. It can also detect signals from blind spot and collision detector
systems featured on many modern vehicles. The best feature on CR 93 is that you can do a lot of driving without hearing your radar detector beep in every turn you take. The Whistler CR93 Laser Detector is listed as $121.63 on Amazon.


No one likes to get a speeding ticket and in some states speeding could cost you an upwards of $500 or more for a first offense according to Forbes. You could be listening to your favorite tunes and driving down the highway 15 miles over the speed limit and you might end up with a traffic violation. The Radar Detectors can help you navigate busy streets with ease by moving with the flow of traffic so you can get to where you need to be on time.