What is the Best Radar Detector

Every now and then, road users have a need to fast pedal, speed and run beyond the specified speed limit and definitely get flagged down by a blue or red tail light of the police and law enforcement personnel. The brakes are not enough to help you escape being detected by police sensors that are installed at different areas of the city. Laser detectors used by civilians came into the picture about 40 years ago and the enforcement agencies on their part improve their capabilities for detecting road users that exceed speed limits.

In this piece, we would be reviewing a particular radar detector known as Escort’s Max 360 CI, but before we proceed let’s examine what a good detector should have to function efficiency in saving one from police red camera detectors on your license plate.

Display of Direction:  

If a detector does not do a good work in telling you the direction of threat, then it might have not done you enough good. If it only tells you that a threat is near, it still is not enough. A good detector should be able to tell you direction of threat, location, the ETA and where it is coming or where you are approaching from.

Sensors for your front and rear:

It will be futile to drive without having rear view while having only a front view in your driving. So also It is for a sensor. It should be able to detect what happens in front and behind you. Those who place it in front of them, are not entirely safe.

Jamming Lasers:

It is not enough to detect lasers because the police can locate you with it. So it is more effective if you are able to jam lasers and equally do so legally.

ADAS Filtration:  

This is known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that operate with the same frequencies of police radar. They do a good job of filtering all the threats by brute force that one might hear.

Software Upgrade:  

For any device that makes use of software, there is greater efficiency that comes with being able to upgrade it so as to match up with improvements that the law enforcement agencies incorporate into their systems.

Real Connectivity to the internet, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi which helps constant update of the software.

Database of Threats:  

If you know where the threats of police cameras and sensors are, then a radar detector with this built-in will be needed. It must also update itself as these locations are changed or mor


This cannot be overlooked or underestimated to know when a detector by the police goes off. You can do this by integrating the radar detector with fixed threat database enabling you to have real-time update of any changes.


This deals with the combination and analyses of information from various networks or users of a radar detector. When road users type in information on police or enforcement agents location, a good radar detector can detect this by having a crowdsourcing feature. So rather than wait to update yours, you can seek information from those who monitor hourly or daily changes.

Built-in and concealed from police detectors. It will interest you to know that some of these detectors are illegal in some states, so having them shielded yet a able to fulfil their uses is a perfect one.
Police also have radar detector detectors.

Now to our recommended device

Escort’s Max 360 CI:

It is one of the best built-in systems that cost about $3,499 with installation. It is equally the most comprehensive with all the features that are listed above. It can also be connected with your phone and bluetooth devices making it possible for one to integrate the Escort Live app which is superior to the Waze used for police detection.

The only shortcoming that is equally an advantage for them is the inability to know the extent of their ecosystem. Even though they have refused to reveal their user base, some estimate reveal that Waze has about 50 million as of 2013.

Users pay $50 for a year, can be linked to your system, smartphone and reception of many alerts of potential threats from other users on the network. You equally receive weekly updates of fixed threats “Defender” database weekly. A threat that is discovered on your Escort live app is seen by you because another user detected and another one also imputed it. This is a whole lot of credibility.

When compared with all others, you will find that Escort is many light years ahead of all others even though they still need improvement. However, they are preparing, working o for future unforeseen circumstances and that is the idea.